Notable achievements 

Appointed by Northern Ireland Prison Service to help find employment and self-employment opportunities for ex-offenders. 

Secured funding from the Teesside Reform Prisons to bring a professional focus to jobs, industry, and enterprise.

Working with Leeds and Yorkshire to find employment for great people on leaving prison.

'A jobs board for ex-offenders'

‘’ is a digital jobs board that specifically advertises employment opportunities for ex-offenders.


By using our website candidates know that employers will prioritise how qualified they are for the job, and not their past mistakes.


For employers, ‘’ presents the opportunity to tap in to a huge pool of fresh talent.

Employment and enterprise services for ex-offenders

Working with business to find great staff for great jobs

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What we do

Jobs brokering

Prosper 4 Group provides job brokering services that allow businesses to tap in to a fresh pool of talent. 


We work with organisations to identify where they require additional staff. We analyse our candidate base to ensure that our corporate clients are linked up with candidates that have the skills and personality to ensure successful outcomes for both parties. 


Through working with us, businesses are not only able to find great new talent, but to deliver an important social impact by helping to rehabilitate ex-offenders.


So far, we have found employment for nearly 300 ex-offenders, and continue to do so.  

Prison industries

Within the prison estate there is a wealth of under-utilised industrial capacity. From textiles production to the manufacture of electronics, prisons are a growing hub of industry.


 There are numerous opportunities for businesses to increase their production capacity, and find new staff.


Prosper 4 Group works with prisons to identify the most productive ways to utilise their industrial capacity.


Most importantly, we work with businesses to help them utilise prison industries to increase their production capacity. All the while partner businesses can contribute to offender rehabilitation by providing them with meaningful employment in custody.



Our team has a wealth of experience in enterprise and entrepreneurship, and Prosper 4 Group has the proven ability to help our clients establish businesses.


We run highly effective training programmes, and business launch support, for our clients both in custody and post-release. The courses we operate are to SFEDI standard, and have a track record of delivering successful outcomes.


Through our network of partner organisations we provide both business and financial support for our clients, with a particular focus on finding funding for our clients.


Our model allows us to support our clients from idea development to revenue generation. 

Our vision

“Prosper 4 Group’s mission is to revolutionise the way industry finds staff by bringing marginalised people back in to the labour market. We believe that engaging with us offers a unique opportunity for businesses. Ultimately, we can aid them to have an unrivalled social impact, all the while helping them to solve any staffing issues they may have”.


Michael Corrigan, CEO


Prosper 4 Group works to radically improve the number of marginalised people employed by industry.

From speaking to many business leaders we have learnt that one of the greatest issues they face is finding, and keeping, the staff they need. At Prosper 4 Group we aim to solve this problem by tapping in to a fresh pool of talent.


The marginalised people we work with are highly motivated, and often highly skilled. All they need is the introduction to the right jobs and they will be able to flourish, becoming loyal and hardworking members of the companies in which they find employment.


We want to help businesses to gain access to these potential employees as we believe they can be great assets, solving the perennial problems they face with recruitment.


By engaging with prison industries we believe businesses can make a monumental impact on their operations, and Prosper 4 Group is helping businesses to do exactly this. Whether it is finding new staff, which you can train on the job, or simply increasing your production capacity, the benefits of participating in prison industries are manifold.

Prosper 4 Group was founded by ex-offenders to assist other ex-offenders. We understand the problems they face, and have developed solutions to solve them. 

We are now increasing our reach to all groups of marginalised peoples.

We know that, for both business and society, there is a substantial economic and social benefit to employing marginalised people. We not only advocate for change in this area, we are creating it too.


Our partners


Our partners

Work with us

Are you a business looking for great new talent?
Are you looking to find rewarding employment opportunities? 
Are you looking to make a social impact by employing marginalised people?

If you are a business that is interested in working with us to increase your commercial output, all the while making an important social impact, please do get in touch.

Looking for a job?

If you are looking for work, we have over 50 business partners looking for employees. We would love to work with you to find employment, or even launch your own business!

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